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Have your own equipment?

We offer two groups for Walk On play, Rookie and Pro. If you just purchased your equipment, don't worry you won't automatically be placed in the Pro group. We place each player by their skill level to make your paintball experience fun!


All equipment must be inspected by our staff to insure that they meet our field requirements.

  •  Paintball tank must have a valid hydro test date with no visible damage to the bottle

  •  Paintball goggles may not be modified or have any visible lens damage

  •  Paintball markers must be chronographed and meet field velocity and bps requirements   


All day admission with unlimited 4500psi air fills - $20


Want to use your own marker but missing some equipment?

Our pro shop has rental equipment available to finish your set up!


Rental - 48cu 3000psi Hpa Tank - $10

Rental - Anti-fog Safety Goggle - $10

Rental - Basic Chest Protector - $5

Rental - Assault vest with ammo belt - $10




Need to Rent a full package? 


We are open for walk on players Saturdays and Sundays only
Walk On Paintball Pricing

Please note: We do not allow our guests to bring paintballs that are not purchased from our facility. We only sell the highest quality, environmentally friendly paintballs. This allows us to control the quality of paintballs that are being shot through our equipment and at the paintball park. G.I. Sportz paint has a bright fill to confirm eliminations and break on impact.  

gi custom-new-zoom_1024x1024.jpg

G.I. Sportz Custom Blend 

500 paintballs      $24.95 +tax

1000 paintballs    $39.95 +tax

2000 paintballs    $69.95 +tax

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